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Autoimmune hepatitis

Thank you so much for answering my question.  My 15 yr old daughter has psoriatic arthritis, for which she takes remacaide.  A yr ago her liver enzymes were elevated for a few months and then went back to normal.  It was thought viral.  This summer they were again elevated.  The following tests were done the end of Sept and came back positive..ALT 331
              AST 206
               Bilirubin 1.3
              SMA IgG 38
              Aldolase 15.8
              GGTP 41
               LDH 248
               Allergy/immunology IgG 1778
A liver biopsy was done last week.   The preliminary results show level 3 scarring of the liver.  
My daughter was put on 40 mg prednisone daily for autoimmune hep
Here are my questions:
Based on what the test shows, does this look like autoimmune hepatitis to you?
Could you tell me what is meant by level 3 scarring?   Can this be reversed?
What are the expectations for a 15 yr old with this type of liver disease?  I had heard of all kinds of hepatitis, but not autoimmune. Not sure of its relevance but I had severe cholestasis  when I was pregnant with her.
Thank you for whatever information you can provide.
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remicade can definitely cause AIH.  I would have the liver biopsy read by an expert liver pathologist to make sure that it is nothing else
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Thank you for your input.  The Hepatologist said she has level 3 scarring, just short of cirrhosis.  What does this mean for her?  Is this reversible?
Thanks again!
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fibrosis from autoimmune hepatitis is well known to improve over time with adequate medical treatment
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The liver docs she is seeing at childrens hosp.  said they are convinced its autoimune, not related to remacaide.  The rheumatologist is holding the infusions.  I sense she isnt convinced.  Its hard because the drs are amazing at this hospital.  Just want to hear another opinion.  Sometimes they arent so perfect.
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i agree with stopping the remicade for now.  It is known to induce an autoimmune hepatitis
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