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DR Schiano..part of Cat Scan

Can you help explain..worried about masses and also the non specific interstitial lung issue.  Is a mass a tumor>

Thank you..Paula
* * *Final Report* * *

HISTORY: Esophageal varices and thrombocytopenia.

TECHNIQUE: Non-IV contrast enhanced and bolus phase imaging preceded
hepatic portal venous phase imaging of the abdomen IV contrast only.


Hepatic morphology and masses: Morphologic changes of early cirrhosis.

This is a 1.8 x 2.0 cm cyst in the left hepatic dome (series 5 image
15). A few additional subcentimeter low attenuation lesions which are too
small to characterize are noted in the liver (for example series 5 image
24 and 29 and 40).

Hepatic vasculature and collaterals:

Portal venous system - There is no thrombus in the portal venous system
(splenic vein, main portal vein, left and right anterior and right
posterior portal vein branches.
Portal vein diameter - 1.2 cm.
Celiac trunk and SMA - No stenosis.
Hepatic artery - The hepatic artery is patent. There is an accessory
left hepatic artery arising from the left gastric.
Hepatic veins - The hepatic veins are patent.
Collaterals: There is no spontaneous splenorenal shunt. There are no
large mesenteric portosystemic collaterals. There is no recanalization of
the paraumbilical vein. There are small esophageal varices.

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thankfully there is no mass
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