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Dr Schiano

Rcvd results from the hematologist.  I have already been told I have cirrhosis because of my 2 non bleeding varices found during and EGD in 2012. . Had  US 6-7 MONTHS AGO that  showed " mild hetergeneous liver..cyst R lobe of liver with a couple small areas of indentations. No mass or ductal dilation"...all organs were normal sized with no masses..  My labs werent bad at all...Meld at 6 or 7.

Labs yesterday showed that I may have Hep B also.  

The Hep B Surface AB is 38.7 Positive and should be under 12. States Positive. Then it says that patient is considered to be immune to infection with HPV.  Not determined what clinical significance is for value greater than 12 than that patient is considered immune to infection.  (I dont understand this)

Hep B Core says  Reactive Non Reactive which I dont understand.

Hep C is negative although levels of anti HCV may be undetectable in early disease.  

Hep B E is non reactive

Thank you for your time....Paula

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from the labs that you relate, you dont have HBV as the surface Ab is (+) not the surface Ag.  Have you been ested for autoimmune hepatitis and fatty liver?
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I am seeing my dr to get a liver bx...  Have posted more about my issues in another question to you.  Its very scary.  
Thank you..Paula
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Not tested for AIH  but will be.  US said diffusely hetergeneous liver .. is diffuse the same as mildly..because the US and Lossey report differ on the terminology.    Thank you..P
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i think the liver biopsy is a good idea
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