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Fatty Liver

Dear Sir,
Please find below my blood test reports for your perusal. Tests were done on 07 Jan 2012 & 15 Jan 2013.  

TestValue in       Jan 2012      In  Jan 2013
Cholestrol Total  163 mg%       175  mg%
Triglycerides      219 mg%        225  mg%
Cholestrol HDL    33 mg%         35 mg%
Cholestrol VLDL  44 mg%         45  mg%
Cholestrol LDL    86 mg%         95 mg%
FBS                   77 mg%         77 mg%
PPBS                 89 mg%         85 mg%
Blood Urea          20 mg%         28  mg%
Serum Creatinine 1.1 mg%         0.8  mg%
Serum Uric Acid    No Test          5.8  mg%
SGOT                   24 IU/L         26  IU/L
SGPT                  31 IU/L         43  IU/L

My doctor asked me to go for sonography of abdomen. I got the report of sonography of my abdomen on Jan 17, 2013. It indicates:
(i) Liver is normal in size, shows diffusely increased echogenecity and measures 14.4 cms. Intrahepatic biliary radicals and portal vasculature are normal. Main portal vein and C.B.D. are normal.
(ii) “Mild to moderate fatty infiltration of Liver
(iii) No other significant sonological abnormality detected in the abdomen and pelvis.
My doctor has advised me to take Udiliv 300mg (1 Tab/day). My weight is 81 Kg. Height is 178 Cms. I am 44 Yrs  & 6 Months old. Sex: Male
I am vegetarian. Do not eat egg, meat etc. I do not take alcohol regularly.  Occasionally I take 60 ml to a maximum 120 ml of Scotch whiskey (Only when I am away from home).
Please suggest :
(1)The line of treatment & causes of my Liver becoming fatty.
(2) May I occasionally take Scotch whiskey with the medicine “Udiliv 300mg".

Eagerly awaiting your reply;

Thanks & warm regards

Ashwini Kumar
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i am not familiar with Udiliv but I sense its an herbal preparation that contains hepatoprotective herbs such as milk thistle.  I would try and avoid as much as possible the scotch whiskey
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