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Hepatic Cysts and Renal Cysts

Professional Doctor

U/S result:-

The echogenic pattern of the liver appears normal. Two tiny cysts are seen in the right lobe and one big cyst in the caudate lobe measuring 4.3 x 2.9x 3.8 cm.

The gallbladder looks  normal with normal gall bladder wall thickness. No gall stones are detected. CBD measure 4 mm.

No abnormality is seen in the pancreas and in the spleen.

Both kidneys show good renal substance and normal pyelosinus complexes.
The bipolar diameter of the kidneys is:
Left Kidney measures 10.5cm with an exophytic cyst in the upper pole measuring 4.2 x 2.7 cm.
Right Kidney measures 10.2cm.

Hepatic cysts.
Left renal cyst.

Abnormal - Known/Minor

Next week will consult Liver Specialist.

Other Health History:
Bilateral Breasts - numerous simple and complicated cysts including oil cyst at upper outer quadrant of the (L) breast.(I had bilateral fibroadenomas lumps removed twice).
Uterus-Few Intramural Fibroids. (I had one endometrium polyps removed).
Ovary - Two cysts

My questions are:-
1) I seen like always had cysts in my whole body systems - is this due to diet or what?
2) Do hepatic cyst and renal cyst need to remove out and do this contains any cancerous cells?
3) What is CBD?
4) My bowel habits is back to normal  but the GP still suggest me to have an Colonscopy. I had consulted the Colorectal Surgeon and after examined my anus and stomach-she told me is fine. But she do recommend me to go for Colonscopy. Since I do not have blood stool I still pending for this screening.
5) I always sleep late and sometimes explained sleepless nite - do all these caused very harmful to my kidneys and liver?
Hopefully you could give me so medical advice.

Thank You.

Kind regards
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cysts in both the liver and kidney are normal in the general population.  CBD is common bile duct.  there is negligible chance for malignant transformation for any of the cysts.  Your symptoms are not harmful to the liver.  the indication for the colonoscopy may be age alone.
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Dear Mr Thomas D Schiano, MD

Thanks for your medical information.

Best Regards
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Dear Mr Thomas

I had gone for my appointment on Sep'10 for review of my ultrasound result on Hepatic and Renal Cysts. The doctor scheduled me a CT Scan on Jan 2011.

Kindly advise could the above cysts cause problem during the waiting time of CT Scan and if any, could this cause a delay if operation is needed? Should Renal and Hepatic Cysts be removed or could it be leave it alone?

Your professional medical is very much appreciated.

Thank You in advance.

Warmest Regards
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definitely you are safe to wait
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