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Hepatitis A B C

Dr. Schiano,

Good Morning! Thank you for responding to my question. However, I'm confused as to what you mean by saying, that hepatitis serologies indicate prior exposure to HAV. What's that mean? I did do a lot of research after sending you my questions. I think that I understand them now. It appears that at time of blood test, the IgG wasn't checked to determine if I've developed immunity to HAV. So, due to my hepatitis serologies indicating prior exposure to HAV after my immunization back in 1990, is that stating that it didn't take or was that done for Hepatitis B (serious of 3)? also, from my understanding if I'm correct, once exposed one  previously to HAV exposure; one has developed immunity to HAV?

Hepatitis B:

I also noticed that my blood work results for Hepatitis B don't include the anti hbs which we really need all three: Hbsag, Anit HBC & Anti HBS to determine if I'm immuned from to hepatitis B after receiving the immunization. Not sure if I'm understanding my research. Please confirm for me?  I should have a positive result for the anti hbs if I'm immuned, correct?

I thought after my research that my results actually were stating that my results were: NEGATIVE Hep A Antibody and where it states:  IgM POSITIVE Hep A Antibody IgM suggests an acute or recent Hepatitis A Viral infection. and POSITIVE Hep A Antibody (IgG + IgM) indicates the presence of Hep A Antibody (IgG). This confirms previous
exposure and immunity to the Hepatitis A Virus. . is just a interpretation overall for PCP as to when the patient is positive?

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Same for the Hepatitis B:

Hep B Core Antibody Igm NEGATIVE-result

Positive Hep B Core Antibody IgM suggests an acute or recent Hepatitis B viral infection. .  is just a interpretation to help PCP if it was positive?  

I've also learned that unfortunately, there's no immunization against Hepatitis C?

Sorry, for all the questions, but now I've very curious as to what my test results mean, & very interested in learning about the liver.

One more question.  If my ALT & AST level's go back to normal, but still having a fatty liver. Would you  recommend that I still see a Gastro or would it be more beneficial to see a Hepatologist? There are Hepatologist in my area. I just may show up at your office, only about 4 hrs. away.

Sorry because of exceeding the 2000 character's, I've to break my questions into two segments.
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