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High Liver Enzymes

Part 2; There I am given a cream for scabies and medication for sleep. I was also given Trazodone. I was told this might help with the itching. Test results are (Bilirubin 2.2, AST 79, ALT 121) My Alkaline Phosphatase are at 151at this point. I went home and started this regiment of prescriptions. The cream for Scabies did not help but the sleep medication was a great welcome. I Slept for 12 hrs straight. I paid for it when I woke up. I called my Doctor and he set me up with a Liver Specialist. I met with him on 6-12-14 and was given and Ultrasound in liver. Unknown test results as of yet. Was also prescribed Ursodiol 300mg. to help the itch. Medication has not helped as of yet. I still have; Pruritus, Needles, a sensation where it feels like bugs crawling on me. I have a lot of open sores I have been medicating with cream. My skin is so sensitive that if I’m touched lightly by something I go crazy. My palms and bottoms of my feet itch like crazy. I can see white spots on the palm of my hand.  No rash, no pain, no fever, and normal bowl movements however color has come back to my stool off and on. The only thing new in the last day or two is the tips of my fingers are dry and pealing. Even with lotion. I do have a History of NON Hodgkin Lymphoma. I asked my Dr about that and he didn’t seem worried about that. Said my White blood counts are normal. My Questions is simply this, What is going on with me? Can you please help me?

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this appears to be a drug reaction.
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I have felt like that before the doctor gave me lidocaine gel for a painful sore but it seems to work good if I itch, that's the only thing I found sometimes benadryl cream has worked but not as good as the lidocaine. Cathy  
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That really sounds alarming. Did you asked a second opinion from another doctor or something? Yeah, maybe that's how your body reacts to the drug/s given to you.
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