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Need some Hep B Clarity.

If a person has tested negative for Hep B, but also has been vaccinated for it (i.e.have gotten all 3 vaccine shots), and...but this person has multiple sex partners and one of these partners has chronic HepB but that he says he has Protected sex with, can he still be a passer of this illness (disease)?  

I say yes to this, and this is what I have told to one of my close friends as I understand it and I told my good friend about this site and to ask it here herself, but she has yet to check this site it out and ask this (sigh).  I/we really need some clarity on her situation so I am asking myself and hope for an informative response. I really care about her, she's been my friend for a long time and I want to steer her in the right direction so please if a doctor can give his/her expertise and some clarity, I dunno, maybe my understanding is wrong as I also told her that she can get Hep B from him even if he has protected sex w/his infected partner and pass it onto her if she has not had all 3 vaccination shots for hep B herself (she says she's had one shot taken so far), but I told her she needs all 3 to be fully protected and until then he can till infect her whether he has tested negative and been vaccinated or not...was I correct to tell her this?  and if I was correct that means she should not have unprotected sex with him until she has all 3 shots herself?) Please Help shed some light here.
Thank you and sorry for the long explanation.
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one needs to receive all 3 portions of the HBV vaccination series to be adequately protected with an antibody response.  If 1 portion is missed then the series needs to be restarted again.  you can check a surface antibody level and if its (+) she is protected.  If its (-), the series should be repeated.  the sexual partner should have the surface antibody level checked also.
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