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Post transplant and Pets...

What is your opinion regarding being post transplant and having a pet dog? Being almost 14 months post transplant, I worry about animal borne disease, fleas and ticks, etc. We had the dog prior to transplant but then gave to a family member to take care of. Now family member wants to give back the dog, and although I miss the dog, I hesitate because being immunosuppressed, I am concerned about risk of infection or any other illness that a dog can pass along. I am not sure if it's safe for me to take care of the dog...what is your opinion regarding pets (specifically dogs... In this case a Yorkie), post transplant?
Thank you in advance.
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there is no contrainidcation whatsoever to having or taking care of a dog while immunsouppressed as long as the dog has had the standard shots.  cats are different because of the risk of organisms in their litter box.  Enjoy the dog and congratulations on doing so well post transplantation.
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A dog just needs good hygiene and I think it would help anyone with their feel better I'm 2 years post I want to get an English Bulldog they have the same energy level as I do, I'm excited, congrats on your puppy. Cathy
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