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Liver resected to remove secondary cancer 15 months ago after RFA (25% removed).  Liver has not regenerated - functioning at about 20% per tests.  Experiencing mild jaundice and low energy.  Due to some side effects, doctors decided to stop with liver treatment drugs temporarily.  What does the prognosis looks like for a case like this?  
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I hope that the liver can regenerate, especially if the HCV can be cured.
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Hi Doctor, I am from Nigeria, HBV+ but with non-reactive HbeAg and reactive HbeAb. My AST, total bilrubin and AIK Photos are all within the required range, but my ALT supposed to be between 0-41, my own is 44. My doctor put me on some drugs for d next 3months. And warn me not to eat meat and fish at all. I am really disturb that I cant eat fish and meat now. Pls, is my doctor right by telling me to stop eating fish and meat? Many thanks
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