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Dear Doctor... I am cirrhotic, and recently had my 48 weeks post tx SVR confirmed.  I was feeling pretty good about the future, but just received my most recent MRI report and am very worried.  I would appreciate your opinion about this recent finding, and what you think is the best course of action at this time.  My platelets generaly run in the 70s-80s range and my INR is 1.3;  The paragraph from the report is copied below...  Thank you very much for your continued support to us.... viaduk

"Main portal tract has new thrombosis that extends from the superior mesenteric vein/inferior mesenteric vein confluence (but not involving the superior mesenteric vein), into the right and left portal veins and posterior segmental branch of the right portal vein coursing deep into segment 7.  The thrombus in left portal vein tapers and does not reach the vertical segment of the left portal vein.  Head of thrombus tapers at confluence with the inferior mesenteric vein and pokes into the mesenteric vein but does not significantly compromise the lumen.   The thrombus has low T2 and intermediate T1 signal, does not expand the portal vein and does not have arterial phase enhancement of a tumor thrombus.  A thin uniform of enhancement surrounds the thrombus.  No periprtal collaterals are seen. No focal liver lesions is seen adjacent to the thrombus.  This is a bland thrombus. Hepatic veins are patent."
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this is concerning for a new thrombosis but thankfully it appears unrelated to any HCC.  Please contact your hepatologist right away as if this occurred rather recently then anticoagualoion may be warranted
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