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Testing for alcohol

Dr. Schiano,
   I know that we are regularly tested for alcohol use while on the waiting list. And I don't drink. My question is can I cook with things that contain alcohol with out testing positive or without hurting my Liver.
   Many flavorings have a alcohol base (Vanilla) And I love to cook , It's the one thing and can still do.
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I frankly do not think that the amount of alcohol contained in foods would make any appreciable impact on the progression of one's liver disease or cause a (+) tox screen.  Obviously though everything should be done in moderation as one could add a tremendous amount of wine, etc to a recipe that might offset what is written above.  the amount of alcohol in extracts, mouthwash and cough preparations is negligible.
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I am an alcoholic 32 years into recovery and I eat things cooked with alcohol as long as the alcohol has been cooked off.

Cooks use alcohol to color the dish with flavoring, example beer soaked steak is a favorite of mine.

Just ask the cook how the alcohol is prepared, I no longer even do this, I know if the meal is cooked then the alcohol that is dangerous to the liver is cooked off.
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I understand about cooking alcohol off not hurting the liver. However I keep getting different opinions on weather or not you could test positive for alcohol.
I am testing recipes for a cook book and many flavorings are alcohol based.And of course None list the amount.Many falvorings are not added while the food is over heat.
My favorite food is what is called a smothered fillet. Where the steak is covered in a bourbon mushroom sauce and provolone cheese.I haven't manged to eat on in years but it would be nice.
There is no way I would risk the transplant for any thing.
Thanks for the res ponce.
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  My Transplant clinic  gave us a list of no no's and cooking with any amount of alcohol is not  allowed. Not all of it really gets cooked out. Even mouth wash is not allow since the alcohol in mouthwash soaks in your tissues.  Maybe it's because I'm cirrhotic that it is not allowed.  I wouldn't take the chance. If you needed a liver suddenly it might disqualify you.
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Thanks, Yes I have a list also . The mouth wash is what got me to thinking about flavorings and such.
I also have cirrhosis and would be afraid to risk it but I did wonder about the actual test.
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