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extreme weak/dizzy for 1 month, AST/ALT 80/250, potassium 15, help

thanks very much
my potassium was 15 on the 1st blood test at the ER, AST/ALT 80/250
I had a trach operation and was dizzy/exhausted more than before in life for 1 month after (recovery is 3 days supposed to be).  O2 was going down to 89 and I had flank pain for a few minutes
can the ER really mess up a potassium blood test like that?  the doc just put me on prednisone for asthma.  can I do anything to lower my AST/ALT levels?  I was taking 2g/day of methenamine and sodium salicylate for a UTI pain that wouldn't go away on antibiotics, cystex.
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I also have clay colored stools and was diagnosed with fatty liver disease on ultrasound (unclear test), but the hepatitis blood tests were negative.  do I have autoimmune liver disease?  
I've been taking budesonide in symbicort and prednisone over the years.
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I started taking milk thistle and charcoal but is there anything I can do to lower my liver levels?  
the 80/250 I think is from all the tyenol/Percocet they gave me and the trach operation

I was in a lot of pain after the operation and they were giving me Percocet every 4 hours
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I was worried and took 30g one day of glutamine and 15g a few days after.  I took 6 grams of NAC today worrying that my brain might be damaged from my liver releasing ammonia and started choline 500mg/day and milk thistle.  
I was having terrible problems remembering/learning new words right after the operation and was bedridden for weeks with no energy.  I go to a family doctor but he doesn't care about the liver and isn't that great
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the online calc gives this for the toxin tyenol

Loading Dose of: 11455mg PO, then
Maintenance Dose: 5727mg PO every 4 hours for a total of 72 hours.

I feel there are toxic area discontinuities in this graph that vary from person to person based on other factors
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there are also glutathione suppositories since it isn't absorbed well but I can't afford these and the terrible surgeon won't give me a script for NAC
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