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high ammonia

my mother was very  lethargic and we took her to ER. She had an ammonia levels of 169. would this be the reason and is this related to the liver?
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it definitely could be
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Prior to my transplant in 2001 my ammonia levels were very high and I had very bad encephalopathy.  I wasn't allowed to be left aloe because of the danger I could hurt myself, try to cook and burn the house down, etc.  And of course no driving.  My grown children had to come and babysit for me when my husband couldn't be at home to watch me.  It was much like having dementia.  My reason for postig is that I hope your mother is not left aloe with such high ammonia levels.
Also, when she has her labs drawn be sure the lab tech always puts the green topped tube (the one used to test ammonia level) on ice immediately or the results could be falsely elevated.  It happened to me once and my dr almost had a heart attack. Good Luck to your mom.
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