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low count of prograf and gas and ascites in the pancreas?

Deat Dr. Sachiano,

Good day!
My husband was post transplant last 2007, his latest ultrasound this month result was:
- the hepatic allograft: is of satisfactory size w/ homogenous echo pattern, no focal lesion, no dilated bile duct.
- pv. & hepatic virns: normal caliber and diameter psv of pv= 40cm/sec.
-spleen: is remarkedly enlaraged measuring 21cm in diameter, no focal lesions, shows normal echogenicity.
-kidney: both are normal site, size and shape w/ good cortico medullary differentiation, no cyst, no focal lesion or back preasure changes could be detected.
-Pancreas & Paraaortic area: masked by gases, mild ascites and peripslenic collection seen.
-Urinary bladder: suboptimal filling and wall thickness with no stones, filling defects or diverticulae
-Prostate: is mildly enlarged measuring 34gm in wieght intact capsule and homogenous echopattern, no pelvic masses.

-also his prograf counts is very low as (3) only, which is his normal was 7-11.

doctor please help me, what are the cure for that especially for the ascites of the pancreas, my husband always complaining of pain in abdomen due to gasses.

thanks a lot for your time doctor Sachiano.

Resfectfully yours,
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Dear Doc Thomas,

I just want to ask if it is possible for my husband to avail Sovaldi+Olysio trough your hospital, please how much and what will be the procedure? Im from philippines and my husband is egyptian.

God bless you and best regards.

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are his blood tests OK?  I am not overly concerned by the report frankly.  It doesnt appear that the ascites is large enough to cause any symptoms.  Its OK for the prograf level to be this low 7 years out from liver transplantation.
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Good day!
pls Dr. i need you reply!

thanks for consideration!

respectfully yours
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