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transplant for past alcohol usage

I used to drink but have not in 8+ months. I’m 43 and have a high MELD of 31 and the doctors say I will most likely need a transplant soon. I hear there is a “waiting period” for people who have alcoholic liver disease to get listed. My question is even though my labs etc. will show my past alcohol usage will I have to wait to be listed? How do I prove I am not drinking and haven’t in months? I'm a changed person and I read more and more it’s important to get transplanted while still “healthy”.  I am jaundiced and have ascites. INR 3.7 - Bili - 13 Creatine .8 . Is it safe to wait or should I look elsewhere? If they require a rehab program what if I get worse during? Thank you.  
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it varies from program to program.  Most require a finite period of sobriety which you have achieved.  With this much sobriety its unlikely that your liver function will improve appreciably.  I think you should proceed with transplantation
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