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My father is 79 years old and has recently been diagnosed with Stage IIIA Lung Cancer.  We are told it is non small cell Adenocarcinoma.  The tumor was located in my father's right lower lobe.  It was 6.5 cm and was contained within the lung.  He underwent right lobectomy and we have found that it was successfully resected and the margins are clear.  Now that the Pathology report has come back we have a lot of questions and do not feel that we are getting the answers we need.  We have been told that the staging was T2bN2M0.  The surgical report states that the following lymph nodes were positive for metastasis:
Right lower lobe-Adenocarcinoma 4/11 lymph nodes positive for metastasis, one by direct extension.
Subcarinal lymph nodes 3/4 positive for metastasis
It was noted on the path report:
Note is made of the PET CT Scan results suggesting absence of lymph node metastasis.  Except for the lymph node involved by direct extension, the lymph node metastases are predominately subcapsular and occupy less than 50% of the volume of the node.  

We do not have a good understanding of what this means.  We understand that the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes but are wondering what implication the note has to it.  We have now been told that my father will need to undergo chemotherapy but not radiation.  Can you tell me what implication this special note will have and what his prognosis and life expectancy is?  We are wondering that although he is 79 years old he does not have any other health issues and would like to know what realistically we can expect.  
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T2 means that either the mass is >3cm in diameter or has encroached upon the pleura or main bronchus 2 cm from carina or focal collapse of lung.
N2 means that the tumor has involved the lymph nodes in direct extension plus ipsilateral mediastinal or subcarinal nodes.
M0 means no metastatis to distant organ.

Sorry, really dont know about prognosis, but the tumor is certainly within the lung and its adjoining lymph nodes but non small cell tumors respond poorly to chemotherapy. So the doctors know the best about his health and life expectancy.

I really hope that he lives a healthy and long life.  
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i have read your story n felt so sorry for ur father but as i dont knw such kinf of information so let me find smthing thn i ll catch u,,,,c ya bye,,,,
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