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Lung Cancer

My Mother is 73 and has been diagnosed with stage 3A lung cancer. She fell a few months ago and chose to stay in bed for fear of falling again. She began coughing a couple of months ago and I finally insisted she go to the hospital---she has full control of her mind and she can be quite stubborn so there was no getting her to go sooner . I was truly afraid that she had come down with pneumonia and was floored to find out it was cancer. She refuses surgery,chemo or radiation. Besides for being on oxygen and the occasional coughing ( she does not cough up anything) she seems to be in good health. Her mind is sharp although her body is weak due to lack of excercise and a very small appetite.The Dr. has said that her cancer is the most aggressive kind (I cant remember the name, my mind went numb when he said cancer). I drain the fluid from the lungs every other day. I dont know what to expect or how to answer her questions. She has accepted her impending death and has asked me if anyone has said how long she has and of course I tell her there is noone that can answer that question but I am terrified of what she has facing her and would appreciate any information and helpful suggestions on keeping her comfortable when she is not doing so well. Thank You  
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Perhaps you should consider setting up in-home hospice care for her. Those people have experience with end-of-life concerns. We had it for my own mother who had cancer.
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The main cause of lung cancer is smoking.So,people should be aware of the cause of lung cancer and take precautionary steps towards it.

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The main cause of lung cancer is smoking.So,people should be aware of the cause of lung cancer and take precautionary steps towards it.

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My prayers are with your family as you face your Mother's cancer.  My Mom was diagnosed on Dec 23, 2008 with Stage III B lung cancer after 4 months of doctors visits thinking her heart was her main concern when in Nov a cat scan found a lung mass and in Dec a biopsy identified lung cancer.  She is a fighter and opted for radiation and chemo.  She has tolerated two weeks of  treatment well except for the extreme fatigue and not wanting to eat.  We have been told that the 3rd and 4th weeks of chemo is when the serious side effects begin to show up so we are preparing our patience and strength to support our Mom anyway we can.  

Pallitive care and hospice care are topics that I have researched on the web and helped me understand options and expectations for our mom.  A doctor referred me to a book titled "Doctors on the Edge"  Frederick Abrams which speaks about situations we will need to deal with.  

My mom directly asked the doctor if treatment would allow her to be in her home and lead a somewhat normal lifestyle and he told her it would and so far it has.  She knows she can stop treatment at anytime but not trying would have been hard to take but it is their body and their life.  Mom has great faith and understands God's plan is at work and she is trusting God to give her grace to face what he has in store.
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My mom is 60 and has stage 4 lung cancer. We only found it cause she hurt her leg at work and it kept getting worse. She finally went to get an xray and they found a mass on her femur. Sent her for an MRI and then a biopsy. They still didn't know the source but before they could run a PET scan she broke her femur and needed emergency surgery. While in the hospital they found the lung cancer after doing a CT. After leaving the hospital she did physical therepy. Soon after she started with radiation and then chemotherepy. She did very well and had a  great appetite for the most part. Her tumor in her lung has shrunk so much that they barely see it after 6 rounds of chemo. Her leg has really healed well. She started a new chemo called Alimta which has been very easy on her. Her hair should be growing soon.
Does your mom have other mets anywhere major? Does she have small cell or non small cell? Also go to Inspire.com. I go thier for support as well.
Best of luck and my prayers are with you.
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I know some time has passed since your post and I hope this finds your mother well and still with you.  My mother suffered a severe heart attack in Oct 2009, in July 2010 she had left ventricle reconstruction to repair a left ventricle aneurysm and a double bypass. She was doing great after her surgery until this past month when they found a spot on her left lung (1cm by 3cm). Biopsy revealed Non-small cell cancer. We are now awaiting a PETscan to determine if it has spread to other areas.

Her faith in God helped her make it through a surgery that she was previously told she would not make it through, then she came off of the ventilator, which again she was told she wouldn't be able to do. Now, I know her faith in God will get her through her cancer as well.

If this finds you mother still with you, tell her to keep her faith no matter what. It is just as important as any treatment doctor's will be able to give her. On the off chance this finds her no longer with you, I am sorry for your loss and I know she is in a better place where the evils of cancer and disease can no longer harm her.

God bless.
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my mom has been diagnosied with cancer for the 4th time lung cancer.is surgery an opttion for her shes had 3 prior surgerys alraedy & has difficult time breathing.they now found 2 spots one in left part of lung she has left & spot in right part of lung she has left.we meet with doctors weds to find out what is her option.
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My mom was just diagnosed with 3a non=small cell squamos cell carcinoma a large mass in the left lung at the bottom and a small spot in the upper left lung and the doctor said that makes it aT4 is this the stage? It is confined in the left lung only but they want to do radiation and chemo.  My mom is 67 and not in the best health.  The doctors did not tell me what would happen if she did not take treatment and how much time she would have if she did.  I am in appts with my mom and don't want to bring up the question at our visit and give my mom more to worry about.  Can someone give me some answers on this.  Thanks in advance.
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