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large cell lung cancer

Hello. My father in law just received the news that he has large cell lung cancer. ( he was spitting up blood)The doctor says it is a stage 2 possibly a 3.  They also said surgery is not an option, so I was wondering what are his treatment options?   If anyone knows anything about this kind of cancer please share your knowledge, I need as much info as possible.  Thank you.
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stage 3 large cell lung cancer is more advanced... what did the doctor offer?
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If your doctor indicated that surgery is not an option, then he may be offered radiation therapy (this uses ionizing radiation exposed on the known cancerous areas) and chemotherapy (this uses drugs to fight cancer) concurrently. If there are concerns as to how well he may manage both treatments, the treatment may become one after the other.
There are limits as to the radiation, if the disease covers too much area - it may make the total dose required too high - that he may not be a candidate for radiation- in this case he may be offered chemotherapy.
Inquire about the actual staging information, and discuss about the options, the goals of therapy and attendant toxicities .
Stay positive.
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hi. saw your post only today and i hope ur father is still being treated at this time. i want to share our current situation.  my father has large cell lung cancer too. he's being treated right now with chemotherapy. before he started chemo, he has x-ray, CT Scan, and Petscan and had biopsy.  Petscan I heard is the best as it shows the extent of cancer, if it has spread to other organs of the body, including the brain. If the cancer is contained in one location, that's better than small cell cancer which is more aggressive and infects other organs faster.  After few months of chemo, his cancer shrunk by 1 centimeter, though we're assuming it is still better to remove one of the lungs by operation.  Problem is, he has emphysema, diabetes, and kidneys are in bad shape as well so he cannot have operation.  We will continue with chemo and we will use radiation theraphy soon.  Chemo makes my dad very weak and he's complained of dizzyness everyday lately. Of course, only your dad's doctors can advise you of the best treatment for him. A family member should always be with the patient for company as they really need moral support.
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