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paranoia anxiety insomnia and delusions during treatment for lung cancer

My mom has stage three lung cancer.  She is 58 years old and has always been in pretty good health. No mental history of  illness; Always a bit neurotic, but nothing that was an illness. During her diagnosis and treatment various things have progressed her into an almost schizophrenic like state.  She was diagnosed at the end of January after a month long fever and quick thinking my her primary physician. Early in February she was scheduled to have an almost softball size tumor and
Part of her right lung removed. The surgery went very well. During follow up pet scans it appeared everything was taken out during surgery and it was successful.  Although her left lung showed some tiny blips that were too small to biopsy. A course of chemotherapy was planned and she is now coming up to her last treatment in 4 days. During this she had major anxiety going into the treatment. She tried to get medication for her anxiety but would take it for a few days and claim it was making her worse. She was developing insomnia especially after the successful surgery. Her thoughts have become more delusional throughout these past six months. She thinks that she is under a huge investigation at work over theft. (Which is 100% untrue Verified by her supervisor). She thinks Bc of this “they” are going to come search our home, confiscate all products that can be bought at her place of employment which can also be bought at any Walmart or pharmacy chain store. That she is going to be charged with everything that went missing from her store in the last 12 years. Mind u her every move at work is on camera and she
Wouldn’t even take a sip of water without paying for it first. That Bc she is getting charged with this my brother (who lives about 15 minutes away and is pretty successful) will
Lose his job and home. She believes her sister (who lives in another state will lose her job and her home too. She thinks that my daughter will be taken by authorities. She believes they will take every receipt and financial record from our home and every piece of mail. (She has always hoarded mail and just some stuff that we no longer  use. Always attributed this to her growing up in foster care and not having many possessions. She believes if she speaks to the counselors at the hospital where she is having treatment that they will report what she says to her employer. That they are listening through the phone.   That people are watching our house. We have spoke. To her cancer doctor. He told us to talk to her. Keep telling her truth. And when she comes in in the few days for last session we will try to convince her to seek help voluntarily. I don’t know what to do. Where to turn. Or if this is definitely bc of her diagnosis. I’m not sure if it isn’t something entirely different. Anyone have any insight for me???
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