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Ache in back and cough, lung cancer?

I have had a cough for about 5 weeks.

It started with a cold I caught that was going around in work. Whenever I get a cold I always get a bad cough as I had asthma as a child.

I was coughing up some mucus and the cough was quite bad, I thought nothing of it as that is normal for me.

It's now 5 weeks in and the cough is almost gone, but when I wake up in the morning I still feel a bit bunged up in my chest and I cough probably about 10 times a day, one or two coughs each time but no mucus.

About a week ago I noticed a dull tension in my back that sometimes throbs, located in the middle right of my back just to the right of the spine. I can locate the source and it feels like a knot that hurts a little when I press it.

I have also been suffering with pelvic cramps and irregular menstal bleeding which I have had many tests to find the source of but no luck yet.

I don't get out of breath and the tension/throbbing in my back isn't always there, but the tender spot is if I press it.

Is this something to be worried about? I have bad anxiety and have convinced myself it's lung cancer.

I will get my GP to have a look next time I go which will be in the next week but in the mean time would like some advice!
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