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Can lung nodules cause right side pain?

I have had right side pain for ~5 years and lately has been escalating.  I have visited several specialists and I had a recent CT scan that noted a 5mm and 3 4mm nodules reportedly a ground glass opacity.  I am on a 6 month cycle for my next scan (scheduled for September). Can these nodules be the cause of the right side pain? Should I be concerned about the nodules at all?  I have had CTs over the years and nothing abnormal until this year.  Thanks in advance for your suggestions/comments.
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Did the radiologists report include a Lung-RADS category?
No.  They gave me the radiology’ report and I have seen a couple of doctors who said they didn’t believe the pain was associated with the radiological findings but insisted that I make sure I get the CT scan on schedule, even my family physician calling last week to make sure I was getting the test scheduled.
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I asked about Lung-RADS category because I get low-dose CT imaging done once a year for screening, and those categories are used in the radiologists reports from those.  Length of time for a follow up scan is based on them, either 3 months, 6 months, or a year. What your doctors recommend with respect to following up is no doubt appropriate, mine has routinely been annual except for one year where it was done in 3 months. The waiting was the hardest part!
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