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Chance of cancer?

I had a cardiac CT scan last week and they incidentally found a 4 mm nodule along the right major lung fissure. Nothing else was seen and I was told that full view of lungs was available on the scan. I had a chest X Ray in March of 2016 and nothing was seen. I then found out that a nodule this small cannot be seen on Chest Xray. In my research I found that nodules along the fissure are usually benign. I would like to know what are the chances of this being cancerous? They want to wait six months to rescan. I am 65 years old and do not have any cough .... just a little congestion on the right side. No shortness of breath. I also have very bad sinuses with post nasal drip.  Very little cancer in my family. No one with lung cancer and a lot of them smoked....which I am ashamed to admit to. I have cut down immensely over the last years to a few a day (4 or 5). What are the chances of this being cancerous? I read that these nodules are not but was told any nodule can be cancerous. Scared. Thanks in advance for any comments or answers.    
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A six month follow up seems reasonable to me, given the nodule size.  That being said I was recommended for a three month follow up by low dose CT (LDCT) for a 5mm nodule that was not seen during the prior year's screening.
Three-month followup LDCT found no increase in nodule size.  Back to annual screenings.
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