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Chest X Ray

My chest X Ray show left and right lung color did not match 3 month ago. Retake another chest X ray 3 month later still same thing. My family doctor said need another X ray in next 6 months to follow up. Anyone got the same issue?
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How are you? What are the symptoms present? Can you elaborate on the lung color that you mentioned? What other diagnostic tests were done in the past? Monitoring through serial chest x-rays are often performed to check for any changes in the result and to determine the underlying cause. It is best that you discuss the result with your attending physician for proper evaluation .Your medical history, your symptom and results of initial tests are important considerations. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Hi, Dr Santos
Symptoms are: light headache, chill, stuffy nose, lump in the throat, hard to breath, tiredness on neck and shoulders. I have no clue how is the color look like, just been told by my physician. Lately I only have rib case bone joint pain and tiredness on neck and shoulders. 2 X rays and 1 swallow X ray have been done. Physical check up blood test only high cholesterol. I'm a smoker, 15 cig/day for 15 yrs. I have very bad allergy when I got cold and make me have running nose then cause the sore throat since very young age. The symptom start since I bought a pool and stay in water for couple hours most everyday with my son last summer. I got cold, sore throat and tiredness on the neck so I stop get in the water and the other symptoms as describe above came few months later. My physician could not determine the problem but just follow up chest X ray and cholesterol.
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