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Coughing up clear gel balls?

I’m 26 and am currently going through this situation, I cough a couple clear gellike balls up a day, and sometimes wake up from a cough attack. I am a chronic weed smoker, have been smoking for 4 years and used to smoke cigarettes when I was 14 until 23 years old, I will be going to my local doctors to get a referral for a scan, but I was just hoping someone could help me find out what these gel balls are ? Thanksss
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thanks for your question and we're sorry it has gone unanswered thus far.  Have you seen a doctor?  They can exam the 'gel ball' specifically to determine what it is.  Is it from allergies, bacteria, fungal infection or virus.  It could be caused by any of these.  It sounds like phlegm.  Our body produces a great amount of mucous.  If your respiratory tract of sinuses become inflamed, mucous production increases.  Typically when it is fully clear as you describe, it is related to allergic rhinitis.  This does not sound to be related to cancer in any way.  Let us know what your doctor's visit resulted in.  
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