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Explanation of CT results for Lungs

I had Borderline Serous Ovarian tumor in 01/15 and had it surgically removed.  Lately, I've had a dry cough and some breathlessness.  My doctor ordered a CT Scan but I can't see her for two weeks to understand the results from the scan.  Does anyone understand the terminology of the CT Scan findings?  Just nervous it may have metastasized to the lungs.

No change in the mild pleural thickening or
tagging in the lower lobes bilaterally. No pulmonary nodules. The
endobronchial tree space. Interval development of some very
minimal 8 mm area of groundglass opacification in the superior
segment of the left upper lobe. There are surgical clips along
the very periphery of the right hepatic lobe and the right
adrenal gland, no change and may be related to removal of a mixed
cystic/soft tissue density mass in the periphery of the right
hepatic lobe from CT 11/20/2014.
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Based on my limited experiences with having had CT scans, the finding of "no pulmonary nodules" is encouraging.  I am assuming the 8 mm area of groundglass opacification will bear watching, but at least it isn't reported to be a nodule.
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