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Final stages of lung cancer

Dear Doctor

My dad is suffering from Lung cancer. He had a malignant cancer in his throat which was developed from a Scerosis he had on his scapula (on his skin). He is a diabetic patient. The cancer in his lung is FAST GROWING (as told to me by his docs) plus it has taken a form of COPD. This condition has lasted for around 5 years. The conditions worsened few days ago when within an hour of his feeble movements (like walking from one room to another , which was rather very slow ) he had his dinner (with a ripe mango), his breathing rates increased, followed by loosing consciousness, followed by hyper breathing rates with a certain sound. When we rushed him to a nearby hospital, he was immediately put on ventilator after which the condition was brought down to normal. Though he has been on ventilator since the last 108 hours, the conditions are fluctuating. He doesn't remember things for long and the sleeping hours has increased and the thing that is worse is the swelling of both the hands. The consciousness of his is also fluctuating. His only 42% lungs are functional and he has suffered 2 heart attacks. The pulse rate is always between 120-170. which was 160 constantly for an hour when he was unconscious yesterday. The SpO2 is 95-98% (due to ventilator), 66%sometimes ( on ventilator), respiration rate varies approx 42. The ventilator showed a high respiration rate when I last visited him.

Please tell me the number of days he has, and if he is in immense pain and discomfort, and if this situation has any cure in Medical Science anywhere round the globe. I have his record if u need them I can mail it to u the scans of them.

Please reply ASAP, I am waiting.

Thank You in advance.

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