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Groundglas lung nodules

I was in the hospital about two weeks ago. They did a CT SCAN of my chest and found scattered Groundglass nodules up to 5mm in my left lower lobe, All so have a family history of cancer
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  We appreciate your question and will try to help.  Please know that talking to your doctors is the best way to fully understand what this finding means.  Do you know whether the ground glass nodules were partly solid or nonsolid? These types of nodules are not uncommon but do have a higher incidence of being associated with malignancy. This is why you will most likely be followed to watch these.  They can spontaneously disappear on their own. For many other people, these go unchanged for a long time.  Determining the clinical significance of them becomes the discussion then between you and your doctor.

I'm wondering if they are recommending a biopsy for you?  Not all Ground glass nodules are cancerous by any means but enough are that doctors typically will want to rule that out.

Let us know how things were left with your doctor and your next step.  We'll be thinking of you.
I saw my doctor last Thursday.They said there is some haze on the CT scan that he thanks it’s nothing.He wants me to have a fellow up CT scan in three months
Oh good.  I hope your doctor is right and suspect he is.  Sounds like a good plan to confirm in 3 months.  Thanks so much for coming back and updating us!  Best of health to you.
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Fleischner Society guidelines for management of incidental pulmonary nodules detected on CT are published at the following URL: https://pubs.rsna.org/doi/10.1148/radiol.2017161659. See Table 1.
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I had ground glass various nodules in 2009 and one grew to 13 mm from 9 mm two years prior. The nodule was irregular.  I had a biopsy done in 2012 (needle biopsy) and they gave me the results the next day that I did not have cancer.  Many of the nodules I had in 2009 are no longer there, per CT Scan in2019.  Best wishes to you.
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