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How much exposure for silicosis?

I would like to ask how much "significant" exposure to crystalline silica dust does it take normally for chronic silicosis to occur? Would a 2 hour inhalation of quartz, marble fine dust at the grinding factory (air filled strongly with the dust particles to observe foggy white and strong smell of quartz and marble dust) result in eventual silicosis? How soon for chest X ray to show signs of silicosis?

I developed persistent phlegm and cough just 2-3 days later after the above exposure. Do I need an X-Ray for signs of lung damage?

And since silica dust remains permanently in our lungs forever, wouldn't a single exposure above be sufficient to generate the onset of silicosis years later (given that this is the only exposure)?

Many thanks for a prompt reply to ease my mind.

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I saw your post regarding Silica exposure and I had a similar experience recently with similar symptoms. I wanted to check in and see if your symptoms persisted or if its something that dissipated with time?

Hope you are well and thank you for your time in advance.

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Silicosis is of two types: chronic that occurs from more than 20 years of exposure, and accelerated from 5-10 years of exposure. There is also a very acute variety that ours after very short term-even less than a year's exposure of huge quantities of silica. Susceptible individuals can also develop silicosis after a few months of exposure.
So yes, a single exposure can cause silicosis years later, but chances are pretty rare. If you have phlegm years later, cause could be a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease other than silicosis.
Hope this helps. Take care!
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