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Large Ground Glass Nodule on CT in breast cancer patient

My 83 year old MIL has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. As she also has Alzheimers disease the only treatment is tamoxifen (no surgery). She started on the tamoxifen 5 weeks ago.As the breast cancer was found following a significant weight loss (14lb in 2 months, no appetite and general lethargy), the consultant ordered CT scan of head, chest and abdomen. Appt for results not for 2 weeks, but i was told that there is a "large ground glass nodule in one lung". She had a ct scan 3 years ago following a blood clot in her leg, and at that time a small spiculated nodule was found in the same lung - it didnt grow in a 3 month period so no follow ups on that in the last 3 years. This new scan shows the ground glass nodule in the same lung, although I do not know if it is the same nodule that has grown. I do not know size of this nodule. In her 20's she suffered from TB and had part of a lung removed at that time.
Can you please tell me what the likelihood is that this ground glass nodule is cancer? I need to be prepared for her next visit to see the consultant.
Thank you
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In a patient of breast cancer, any lung lesion must naturally raise the suspicion of cancer metastases. However, when breast cancer spreads to the lung, it usually causes many nodules to form, and not just one single nodule. Metastases to the lung are quite classic on CT imaging.
Perhaps her previous medical history needs to be reviewed in greater detail, and additional tests (PET) done on the lung lesion to reach a firm diagnosis.
All the best, and God Bless!
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