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Large ovarian masses lung cancer?

My mom, 62, nonsmoker was dx last May 07 w/ stageIV nsclc (squamous type). She has been undergoing chemo since then.There have been several large pelvic masses they were aware of which recently stopped responding to chemo and began to grow. As a result they just did a hysterectomy and removed them. Largest was size of baseball and attached to left ovary. Others were size of small stress balls and one was up in abdomen they were able to reach.Smaller scattered ones on pelvic wall.Preliminary path report done on the spot said malignant but said unable to differentiate type of cancer. Their guess was either ovarian or the lung,but said it would be unusual for LC to spread to ovary like that? We will not know till next week. I wanted your opinion on whether you have seen LC spread to ovaries and also if it does come out ovarian cancer, I was wondering whether the original Lung biopsy done on the large lung mass last May was wrong, is that possible to get nsclc and ovarian cancer mixed up,do they look similiar in pathology? I guess I would find it unusual to have 2 primary cancers, but am I wrong?Thanks for advice.
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Lung cancer metastasizing to the ovary is indeed atypical. It may be more probable that there are two primaries.

There are some overlaps between the chemotherapy options for both cancers and hence the initial plan which was to continue on chemotherapy if it is still working is sound. If there is no overlap between the drug options, the favored cancer in terms of treatment would still be the lung as it is the more dangerous malignancy.

There are immune-based tests that can be done on the biopsy specimen to verify the origin of the cancer if it is lung or ovary. This may be another option to verify which is which. Metastases of ovary to lung are actually more common than the converse, so the questions that you raise really are valid.  

Inquire if your cancer is the small cell type or non-small cell. There are small cell cancers of the female genital system, so the co-occurrence may not be surprising.

Stay positive.
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