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Mediastinal Tumour

Good afternoon

I have a Mediastinal Tumour that is 7cm x 5cm x 2cm and contains 20 hounsfield units of fluid.  It appears to be mostly fluid filled.  Can you please tell me what this tumour is? Are they usually malignant? It is located in the anterior mediastinum positioned eccentrically to the right of the heart.  I have having VATS surgery on May 6 to remove it.

Needless to say i'm terrified.  Please explain what these tumors are.

Many thanks
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Tumor of the anterior mediastinum may be due to many causes. These include germ cell tumors, thymic mass, fibroma, lipoma, lymphoma, thyroid mass, and cysts.

Cystic masses of the anterior mediastinum include those arising from the heart (pericardial), lung (bronchogenic), thymic, thoracic duct, meningocele etc.

A Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery is a safe, effective, and common surgical intervention for managing pericardial cysts. This disease is unlikely to be cancerous. Please relax. you are going to be just fine.

All the best, and God Bless!
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Note on below: they had originally called it a Pericardial Cyst?
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Thank you for your prompt response.  I thought I had a pericardial cyst but the surgery is for a VATS RESECTION OF A Mediastinal Tumour.  I'm very confused as I have read that most Mediastinal Tumours are malignant.

Many thanks
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