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My father had a CECT thorax with FNAC yesterday

It was on 19 of April 2009, when my father had a general check up at a cancer detection center camp in Karol Bagh New Delhi.  The report arrived to our residence on 4th June 2009 in which everything was fine but a chest x-ray showed some abnormal soft tissue opacities and radiologist impression was ? pulmonary Koch's/aortic calcification.

As I am into medical transcription for the last 9 years, I read the report and thought further consultation is necessary, so I with my father visited Delhi Heart and Lung Institute on 5th June 2009 and the senior doctor there saw our reports and told us to get a CT scan with FNAC done. My father is having mild cough but no fever, weight loss, loss of appetite, etc., but he has experienced blood in the vomiting in the past, not sure of the exact date when it happened last. Yesterday 8th June 2009, we visited a good x-ray clinic in our area and had a CECT thorax with FNAC performed on my father. While the radiologist was performing CT scan and FNAC, I was standing in front of the computer on which everything was displayed. The radiologist told me that there is a mass lesion on of the lung of unknown etiology and told me to collect the CT and CT guided FNAC report today before 9 p.m. IST. Please advice me what it is. I am very worried because of this.... Is the mass lesion a lung cancer or something or it is tuberculosis. I am not sure, even the radiologist is not sure what it is and has told me that the fine needle aspiration cytology report will better define what it is..
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Is there anyone who can give me a reply....
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I am not sure what to advise...has he had a PET scan? These are more detailed than CT scan...My mom also had several bronchoscopies which is wear they put a tube thru the nose and down to the lung area and get tissue samples or washings to be checked microscopically. Hopefully by now your dad has had some good news come back on his fine needle aspiration cytology...there are several things that can cause a "mass" appearance...infection...scar tissue...malignancy...so it really is a matter of getting the proper Dr. and tests...good luck to you.
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Hi Soni, Can you please share what happened post the reports you received from the CT guided FNAC?
My father is facing exactly same problem and we also are figuring out where should we get the FNAC done from? Will be great help if you can answer immediately.

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