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NON small cell lung cancet PET RESULT

MY husband was diagonised on  october 2009
as PATIANT HAVING NSCLC adenocarcinoma which was locally advanced . both lung plumonory nodul ans one large tumor ,after 6 cycle of chemo with TAXOL,CARBOPLATIN ,AND COMBINED with erlotinib .since then the diesies showed improvment and shrinkage in tumor. . HE has been under maintance treatment with Tarceva  since 2009 upto now. the previous PET-CT  ON  JULY 2011  WAS NEGATIVE AND CONCLUSION was that no evidence of residual hypermetabolic disease seen in lung.. but the recent CT showed  smal new lesion 1,8 *2 cm. in comparison to previous.and  his new PET -CT in  TURKEY hospital FN    shows new FDG(+)SUV max:5) pulmonary nodule in the lower lobe of the lung.

what is the meaning of the SUV MAX 5 ?is this means the new nodule has resisitance  to TARCEVA? should it be treated with local raditiontherapy like true beam or cuberkhnife? along with continue on Tarceva? what is the best  choice for tretment?
Thanks for kind and helpful  reply
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Yes, it means that the cancer has developed resistance to tarceva. The best choice of treatment is the one established by your oncologist.
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Thanks for your response ,but as I have heard THE SUV 5 Also might be due to infection ,so I want to know the best diagonistic option to be assured for change of treatment by Tarceva or to be assured that resisitence has been appreard for all cancerous cell,,so  is it required to do another bronkoscopy?or to  wait for another ct to see more progress?
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If I were you, I'd get another bronchoscopy. What does your oncologist say about the nodule?
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