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Natural medication for liver Cancer

hello here , im a researcher on naturopathic medicine , i have been working on hepatitis since 2009 , during my researches , many patients has developped liver cancer and die , we started working on liver cancer in 2012 , 2 weeks today we have a goodnews showing up , we dont know if it be good completely , we have one patient with Bill 320 , alat 197, AFP 81 normal less than 8 , Fibrotest F4A3 hepatitis C positif and hepatitis B positif , after 10days AFP drops down to 14, bill also drop down very highly , but after 13days again of treatment AFP moderately drop down to 11 ,why the slow drop at this time ?  after the 10 days treatment when it drops from 81 to 14 we added some drugs for liver cirrhosis , can this drugs be the cause of the slowness ? thanks
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