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Negative Chest Xray But Coughing Up Blood In My Flem!
I am 46 years old (woman), I was diagnosed with a very mild case of emphesymia about 3 years ago, not a heavy smoker but on and off. Anyway being in a abusive relationship to make it short I turned to smoking and I notice shortness of breath dizziness and a general feeling of sickness. I told my doctor and he sent me for a chest xray, it came back normal and showed an old rib fracture. But before the chest xray and all along the past 6 months even without a cold I've had a chronic smokers cough, and sometimes talking I start coughing uncontrolabally, and a horse throat, I always have to clear it. So worried to say the least I told my primary care dr. and he sent me for a chest xray.

I got the negative results just about a week ago, now about a week ago I developed a very bad cold, no fever just congestion, coughing, dry cough to flemmy cough. I spit the flem into the sink and it was filled with blood, that was Nov. 1, 2010. In the next phelm I spit out was just as bloody, the third time more clear phlegm but streaked with blood. I went to the doctors yesterday and he referred me for a ct scan of the chest, I have an appointment for it this Saturday Nov. 6, 2010. Most of yesterday I didnt notice any blood in the flem, but about 2am when I woke up coughing I ran to the bathroom and spit the flem out and it was all blood, a second time all blood since then mostly clear flem with a few streaks in it. Can this be something serious i am very worried because with all that I've been through, my kids decided to stay with him and I'm all alone and sick over this, so I smoke and smoke because if my kids dont want me I cant deal with it. Now i fear I have cancer, what are the chances. The Dr. said 46 is a little young for cancer but they always like to check, but what else could it be. And is it a good thing that the chest xray came back negative or is it irrevelent? Please get back to me I'm trying to hang in there but having a very hard time and dont leave my apt. I am on ssi for post traumatic stress disorder because of all I've been through, so I have a hard time socializing and making friends I'm very insecure unless its in a structured environment. My email address is ***@****. Thank You in advance.

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