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Pain in my back...could it be my lungs?

On the odd morning I wake up with a pain in my back in the area of my lungs.  This pain makes it hard to breathe deeply and it even is tender to touch.  I quit smoking in July 07 and am currently waiting to see a pulmonologist regarding difficulties I have had since Jan. 08.  I am currently using Advair 500- once daily, Spireva - once daily and have a Ventolin puffer to use in emergency.  My gp feels that I am using what I need to use and that the appointment with the pulmonologist is just a 2nd opinion (her words).  When this pain in my back strikes it is so bad that I have to get out of bed in the a.m. because the pain is excrutiating.  Could this be related to my lungs or more apt to be muscular?  I had a bit of coughing last evening and I have this horrible pain today.  Any ideas?

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Hi, i have a simular problem for about a month now i have had some horible pain in my back on both side where my lung are and it is not getting any better the pain is so bad i get out of bed and walk the floors because when i stand up and move the pain will go away after about 30 minutes this almost feels like pluracy but i am not a doctor does anyone else have this pain and what can be done.

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I went to see a pulmonologist this week and found out that I do not have COPD as was diagnosed by my gp but that I have Asthma and I was being treated incorrectly!  This was VERY aggravating because I had been asking for this referral to a specialist since January of 2008 and the referral letter was only sent in May 2008 and I didn't get the appointment until July!  I am now on the correct medication and a CT Scan has been done of my lungs and the results will be back this week.  I am going to be scheduled with a respiratory therapist who is going to make up an exercise program that I will be able to do because I also have MS and have trouble moving a lot with the pain.  I am going to be given a diet through the hospital dietician to enable me to lose some of the weight I gained after having IV steroids and prednisone last year that started the weight gain.  I really hope that this will help with my quality of life and maybe I can start to be more active again.  I may at a later time be diagnosed with COPD but quitting smoking a year ago  has helped me a lot.  It will be interesting to see if the CT Scan shows anything and if it does I will let you know but in the meantime, have your doctor refer you to a pulmonologist if you are having breathing difficulties...avoid being mis-diagnosed!

Lots of hugs,

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The pain could be related to the coughing spells that you describe in the evenings. When cough is severe, it puts quite a strain on the accessory muscles of the chest that it wouldn’t be surprising that they may hurt in the mornings.

Asthma tends to exacerbate in the evenings. I hope this is the only reason. Cancer pain would likely be more persistent. For lung cancers, the pain could be due to the same muscular strain imposed by coughing, or wo pain from bony involvement of the cancer (this is the persistent, severe pain).

Stay positive.
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I truly appreciate you taking the time to answer my post...I haven't received any results yet but will notify you if and when I do!

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I am having discomfort on left side in my back and I am guess it is area of my lung. Has been bothering me for about 2 month. Sometimes when I move certain ways I give a moan, I was going to sit down, bent over a bit and had some pain. I am scared but will need to find out what it is. I am not short of breathe and is not asthma. I am a smoker
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I'm hurting on my right side of my back under my shoulder blade and I am coughing up dark stuff could this be my lungs?
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