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Phlegm without cough

Does lung cancer cause excessive white phlegm with tiny bubbles without cough?
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Having white phlegm with tiny bubbles could be a sign of that the mucus is from the lungs, so you should consult your nearby oncologist and get it checked.
Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  White phlegm when coughed up is consistent with an upper respiratory infection the vast majority of the time.  https://comments.medicinenet.com/what_is_mucus/patient-comments-5247.htm.

When phlegm is associated with cancer, it may be green but is most often red which can be red in color or brown as it mixes with white more normal mucus.  This is because cancer often bleeds.  https://www.cancer.net/cancer-types/lung-cancer-non-small-cell/symptoms-and-signs,

We do appreciate you are being helpful to members and just wanted to expand on your comments.  
Thank you for the response.
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Have you been able to follow up with your doctor and have any update to share with us?  
Hi, I went to the doctor 5 months ago due to hemoptysis, my doctor recommended a high- resolution CT scan of my lung and protein electrophoresis test.
Here are the results:


No enlarged mediastinal or axillary lymph nodes are seen.
No pleural or pericardial effusion.
The lung parenchyma is clear of infiltrates or consolidations. Tiny nonspecific granulomas are noted in both lungs, measuring up to 3 mm in the right upper lobe.
The limited analysis of the abdomen shows a few simple biliary cysts.
The bony framework shows a 5 mm bone island at the right humeral head.

No evidence of pulmonary infectious focus.

Protein electrophoresis test results :

Borderline polyclonal increase in gamma-globulins suggesting a chronic reactive condition.

So, my  doctor prescribed me 3 antibiotics for 10 days: Augmentin, zithromax, ciprobay and histamed , but the symptoms of hemoptysis go away during treatment , and reccurent the first week after treatment.
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How are things going?  Is there any update?
Hi, I took nexium 40 mg for two months the hemoptysis go away, but I still have excessive amount of phlegm.
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