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Please Help with Explaining Test Results!!!


I posted this on the Heart Disease Forum, but felt that I needed to post it here. I saw my doc about the heart scan that I had recently and he wants me to get a chest x-ray. He said probably nothing to be concerned about, but he is pretty laid back most of the time. I trust him, but it's my life!!! Just want to know if someone can shed some light on the following info and put it into laymen's terms.

I recently had a heart scan, not that I was having any symptoms....it's called a heart and cornonary calcium scanning report. Of course I'm not able to disseminate that nomenclature that's in the report and my doctor is not in until Monday!

The report says that Coronary artery calcium scanning and three-dimensional scoring was performed. And the good news is that my total calcium score was "0"!  Of course I'm elated....

AND........was reading down through the report when the doctor that read the test added a comment that states:

Extensive posterior mediastinal and right hilar calcification noted. I tried to Google to get more info, but didn't really come up with too much and was curious if someone could shed some light on what this means.

My doc asked me if I was spitting up any phlegm....told him that I have a cough that sometimes lingers. I also have sinus drainage and allergies. I am a non-smoker.

Please someone tell me what my next step should be in addtion to getting a chest x-ray!  I'm very concerned!!!!


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You have posted this on the lung cancer forum, but relax! Calcified mediastinal and hilar nodes showing up on a scan done for coronary artery do not signify cancer.
Have you had any cough, fever, weight loss (tuberculosis), or cough, skin lesions, fever, immune related symptoms (sarcoidosis)?
Wait for a day for your chest Xray, and then, depending on the report, you and your doctor could decide on the next set of investigations.
All the best, and God Bless!
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Thx for responding so quickly. I have a cough from time to time, as I have allergies and nasal drip. No weight loss or fever, skin lesions and don't think I have an auto immune symptoms. I don't know what sarcoidosis is, but will investigate.

I have my chest xray scheduled for this afternoon.

And where should I have posted this????????????

God bless to you too!  Thanks again and will let you know:)
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What did the Xray show?
Good luck!
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I just got the results this morning. It took a couple of days for my doc to get the results and for me to see him.

Test showed that there was some broncial thickness ( he asked me if I ever smoked) and I said, no!  And something about past granuloma disease ( which is why they asked me about smoking)

My doc put me on antibiotics and I'm supposed to retake the test in three months. The diagnostic facility gave me a disk for the doc to look at and he said that it looked normal except for the thickness. And doc was not happy with the way the film was read. He said that it was "overread." He  wants me to go somewhere else next time. The facility was my choice. (there was a couple of other things on the test that doc said was not what he saw) He's been my doc for 30 years and I trust him

I have had bronchitis several times in my life. I live in a climate where I have sinus drainage and have allergies.

What can you recommend for me to do next?????????  You said that the calcification is not indicative of cancer.........and I hear that a lot of people have calcifications in their body and don't need to be concerned with every single one. I know they can give you problems sometimes.  Can they turn into cancer?

I know that the chest xray usually comes first and then the CT. the CT was my decision to do because of my age (nothing else) Never thought that they would find something on the CT to require me to get an xray.

What's you opinion, doc?

Any advice????? or suggestions?

Hope you are having a great day!!!!


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Good to hear about your results. There is no need to worry, as the test report mentoined by you is essentially benign.
The bronchial thickening could be because of recurrent infections, and the past granuloma that was mentioned could be "healed tuberculosis" (it is a fairly common finding).
Take the antibiotics, and you could additionally try steam inhalation. This helps sooth inflammed mucosa.

Three months later, you could post the results your follow-up xray.

Relax, and enjoy the summer!
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Hope that you are having a great day. Thanks so much for responding.

Yes, I feel more at ease now. Doc did say that I shouldn't be worried and just to repeat the test so they can have a baseline.  

I will take the antibiotics and see if it clears up the mucos.

You have been so helpful............and I will definitely post more info once I have it.

By the way, what is steam inhalation????????????/ I will Google it also.

Thanks and have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You need to prepare boiling water and place your face over it and breath in the steam for a few minutes (Be careful that you do not injure yourself!). These days, small, handy steamers are available. Steam inhalation helps sooth the airways.
Good Luck!
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Thx for the info. I will do that. Sounds like it could relieve some of the stuffiness that I have from time to time. I used to use something similar for my children when they were babies...a vaporizer where I placed in their room while they slept to help them breathe when they had colds/

I live on the Gulf Coast and there is a lot of humidity here and pollen. So around March of each year, I start getting congested and start sneezing.

You have been a wealth of information and I really appreciate this site ( and your help)

I have been a member for three years and have made some very special friends. So thanks to MedHelp and the staff of doctors who answer the call to assist those in need with medical questions and concerns.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend. I will be in touch.:)

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