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Please help//////Please answer my question soon. I am unable to sleep.

Here is my story. I was smoker for almost 10 years.i am 33 years old now. I have stopped smoking 1 month ago. And after stop smoking I have visited doctor for regular check up and done chest X-ray 2 times in one month period. Results are as below (both the time),
Chest PA:
No active pulmonary lesions
No active pul. Tbc & Pneumonia
No abnormal Mass lesions (Lung cancer, abscess etc)
No bony abnormalities

** But doctor told mild bronchitis is present in x-ray report, expected for smoker and nothing to worry about this and will go as you stopped smoking.

I am scared now. What is mild bronchitis? How risky is this? I am scared for death now. Please help. I have one small kid. God what shall I do? Please tell me what shall I do now?
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How are you? I commend you for your smoking cessation and it is good that the initial diagnostic  test results were fine. Bronchitis or  inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes may develop from a cold or other respiratory infection or caused by smoking or constant irritation such as dust or air pollution. The goal of treatment is to relieve symptoms including self-care treatments such as getting more rest, drinking fluids, or breathing in warm, moist air. To prevent this, it is usually advised to avoid cigarette smoke. f it persists, you may need to have this evaluated further. Take care and do keep us posted.
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