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Prominent Bronchovascular markings

Hello All

I am suffering from shortness of breath and frequent  urge to breath deep since I have palpitation problems , I went to cardiologist he then performed Stress test , Echo Cardio gram and ECG ( All came normal )
I have mild cough most of the time and I am frequently clearing my throat .

Then I went to Pulmonologist he did X Ray and findings were as below :

1- Subtle ill defined haziness seen in left lower paracardiac region
2- Bilateral lung field show significant prominent Bronchovascular markings
3- Clinical correlation and follow up suggested

I did following tests

1-Lung Function breathing test ( came normal )
2-Echocardiogram ( Echo normal )
3-Treadmill Stress test ( Normal )
5-Complete blood count test (CBC)  , Thyroid and Viatmin D test ( All came normal too )

My pulmonologist prescribed me singulair which did reduce symptoms to large extent , but I would like to receive feedback and suggestions from group as well

I have chronic anxiety problems and I am taking Xanax and Bet blocker for last 3 months

Physically I am fit and go to swim twice a week

Ps suggest is it normal or should I consider other options

Thanks again for reading

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