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Really scared after seeing the recommendation

Here is my story. I was smoker for almost 10 years.i am 33 years old now. I have stopped smoking 1 month ago. And after stop smoking I have visited doctor for regular check up and done chest X-ray 2 times in one month period. Results are as below (both the time),
Chest PA:
No active pulmonary lesions
No active pul. Tbc & Pneumonia
No abnormal Mass lesions (Lung cancer, abscess etc)
No bony abnormalities

There is also one recommendation given,

REC) F/U Chest PA – 6 month interval regularly for 10 years.

When I asked what is the need to take chest PA for 6 month interval regularly for next 10 years? He told as you smoked 10 years around so it’s always suggested to take Chest PA 6 month interval regularly for 10 years.
After seeing this recommendation, I am little scare.  Is it suggested usually? Or what does it mean? Please help me. I am Really scared after seeing the recommendation
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As mentioned from the other post, bronchitis may indeed be associated with infection or from smoking. Bronchitis may be acute ( resolves with proper management such as infection) or chronic (usually from smoking or COPD). Monitoring chest x-ray every 6 months may help rule out chronic type. To ease any anxiety or worry, you may also seek another physician's opinion or be referred to a pulmnologist. Take care and do keep us posted.
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