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Spiculated nodule in left lower lobe

I have pain related problems (could be Fibro or rheumatology) since 2007.I am also a Thyroid (hypo) since 2006.In last June I had severe rib pain while breathing, so visited PCP but no clue and he wasted more than 3 months time.

Then I visited Pulmonologist he ordered bunch of lab tesst and CT, Antibodies came +VE and found a patchy nodule of size 2.3 cm X 2.2 cm in left lower lobe lung and the diagnosis was pleurisy, Doctor ordered Levoflaxacin (Anti biotech) and after 6 weeks(Nov 6th, 2018) CT repeated, nodule size was 1 cm X 0.7 cm.
Again CT repeated after 3 months on 02/13/2019 and the nodule size is spiculated nodule 1 cm X0.9 cm, compare to 2nd CT, nodule size is increased by 0.2 cm in 3rd CT.

Current symptoms are back muscle pain, inflammation in the ribs and knee pain.
I am scaring.I have very small kids. Please advise what it is?
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  I'm sorry you are having to investigate this issue and we're happy to help try to provide some information and support for you.  Your doctors are your best source of information, however.  If you are unsatisfied with any doctor you are currently seeing, second opinions can be very valuable.  

So spiculated is an image characteristic of what they are seeing.  They are describing the edges of what they are seeing as having spikes to them. Whenever an abnormality is seen, they use descriptive words like that to describe the features of it in order to classify it. They sometimes are able to determine things like 'benign' just from those characteristics.  Being spiculated is sometimes associated with more aggressive growth.  Your initial CT showed a larger nodule than any of your subsequent ones with a slight growth with our third over your second? That all has shrunk since your original CT is good news which you should confirm with your doctor. I also want to point out that this being in your lower lobe is good news as that is not uncommon and less associated with cancer which is the ultimate fear when someone has a diagnosis of somethin found in their lung lobe.

Here is some general information that I think is a really good read https://www.webmd.com/lung/benign-lung-tumors-and-nodules#1.  When is your next visit with your doctor?

Thank you Sara for your reply.I have setup appointment for biopsy on 02/26, after that I visit doctor. I’m holding the breath until the biopsy results come.

Initial size was big(2.3X2.2 cm) , in second CT size shrunk to 1x0.7 cm and 3 rd CT shows 1X0.9 cm. 0.2 cm increased in 3rd CT.

It is always nerve wrecking.  I would take it as a good sign that the size has decreased significantly. There are several things pointing to this being a good outcome for you.  Please keep us up to date with what is happening.  Best of luck to you
I went for biopsy , after Procesural Sedation Radiologist Team took CT again to find the exact nodule location, they found  nodule size decreased to 7 mm ( it was 1cm x 0.9 cm two weeks ago), so Radiologist mentioned she cannot do biopsy since it’s very small. Also mentioned they found another small nodule next to 7mm nodule.

My symptoms are worsening day by day. Ribs pains are increasing. Not sure the pains are related to nodule or some thing else. Also I’ve hiatal hernia, not sure if that’s causing for ribs pain.
Next week I’m visiting Pulmonologist.
Probably my Pulmonologist have less knowledge on Rheumatology related lung issues.
This is complicated and I'm sorry you are going through this. The good news is that the nodule has gotten even smaller which is a good sign. And as mentioned previously, while you do have to investigate them, they are not uncommon to have.  

Your pain does need to be investigated and am glad you are going to a different specialty (this is a new doctor?).  Let me know how that goes.

And what is the follow up plan for the new nodule seen?  Are you going to have more checks to determine what it is doing?
Still Iam visiting same lung doctor. Since biopsy not performed, doctor wants to do branchoscopy this month and after that another CT after 6 months.
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