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Spots on a chest X-Ray, I've enough to worry about

I'm going through a really rough time right now and hoping you can help with some concerns I'm having. I'm a 46 year old female and have had severe Crohn's disease for the past 32 years as well as short bowel syndrome for the past 4 years or so. I have been unable to absorb most nutrients now and so I have had a port-a-cath implanted in my chest and been on home TPN for about 21/2 years now. I have spent more then half my life in hospitals, have had about 6 or 7 resections of my small intestine, every complication you can think of, including at one point a ruptured bowel that caused severe sepsis resulting in an 8 month hospital stay plus a need for a 3 month temporary ileostomy and reversal. While in the hospital one of those times I also came down with pneumonia. I've been on every type of med several times but nothing has helped. For the past 3 or 4 years I had been taking Remicade infusions but like everything else, helped for a while and then stopped working. I have been vomiting almost daily the last couple of years because I couldn't get food to pass out of my stomach fast enough and this past year it's gone up to several times a day. Tests showed new crohn's in several places as well as several new blockages in my remaining small intestine. Since surgery is no longer an option, we decided on a course of Humera as well as 2 other meds, one of which is new and will be available in the coming months. To start Humera I needed to redo a tuberculosis test and chest x-Ray. My family doctor just called to tell me that there are some white spots on my chest x-Ray so he's sending me for a CT Scan. I'm concerned because cancer does run in my family and also because the risk of cancers is a side effect of  Remicade, as well as Humera. I know it could be scarring etc and from my previous bout with pneumonia, I know that was how they found it at that time. About a month or so ago, I did experience the same kind of symptoms..I had a cough for a couple of weeks, if I moved around too quickly, I'd get short of breath for a while and when I'd lie flat in bed, at times it felt like I wasn't getting air until I sat up even though I was. I didn't get it checked because I was so sick with everything else at the time but I haven't had those symptoms in I'm guessing around a month since I can't remember exactly when that was. If it was pneumonia this last time, could it still be showing in my chest x-Ray even though I no longer have those symptoms? I also get severe heartburn on a regular basis and there have been a few times I've woken up from a sound sleep choking on bile that has come up that I must have inhaled into my lungs trying to get air. It's only happened maybe 5 times in the last year but could that cause spots on my lungs?  If it is just scarring, what else could cause that?
Sorry for the long history but I'm going to be thinking about this until I get a CT appointment and wait for the results so wanted to give you the full picture. Please know I'm grateful for any information you could provide. Thank you!
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