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What are some common symptoms?

What are the most common symptoms someone with lung cancer experiences?  What warning flags caused you to get things checked out?
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I know you posted two months ago but was searching for a community and saw this one and came in.  My husband had lung cancer and he passes away. I wanted to spread the word about the symptoms.  My husband had a headache everyday and took pain meds and after about hour would go away and come back later in day and take meds  it would go away. This was going on for a month he did nothing and told no one . He had just started a new job and he thought it was stress cause he had a very stressful job.  He also had a cough for couple weeks .he worked in a nursing home and a nurse heard him coughing and said that sounds bad and he said he had it for a week.  She told him to go to dr ASAP. She thought maybe walking pneumonia. He left work early and saw dr and was sent to pulmonary  dr same day had chest exray and at 9 that night he was told over the phone they thought he had lung cancer.  Was put the next morning in the hospital to slowly drain the fluid around his lung.    Well who would think that a headache is a sign of lung cancer.  Shortness of breath is a nother sign. Cough is also a sign.
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Symptoms include a cough (often with blood), chest pain, wheezing and weight loss. These symptoms often don't appear until the cancer is advanced.
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At early stage lung cancer does not show any symptoms but here are the symptoms which can be observe on later stage:
- Cough that does not go away
- Changes in coughing or while breathing
- Chest pain
- Headache
- Weightloss
- Shortness of breath
- Change in voice
Lung cancer is one of the common type of cancer in male & female that s why it is necessary to know the lung cancer prevention & screening test.
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To clarify or instead of the link above, simply Google "saved by the scan"
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In some cases, there are no warning signs.  Lung cancer, like colon cancer, is many times a "silent" killer.  A yearly physical with a chest x-ray and blood work should be mandatory for current or former smokers.  I was diagnosed with lung cancer this year, and I never had one symptom.  
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I've been experiencing upper back pain for over 6 years now.  I feel a rubbing or click sound over my right lung in my back when arching my back.  When I do this a few times I get pain that extends to my ribs wrapping around on right side.  I don't have any of the tell tale signs of lung cancer besides pain in upper back and right side rib pain.  It is worse at night and the anxiety isnt helping sleep.
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