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What are these findings?

1.7 cm solid nodule within the left lateral basilar segment of the left lower lobe with pleural extension, max SUV 1.97 at 60 minutes and 2.23 at 120 minutes which is 12% increased which mitigates the likelihood malignancy. Findings are not typical of malignancy but cant be excluded.

27-year-old male with previously identified pulmonary nodule which was NOT PET avid. Unclear etiology.
This is what my pulmonologist typed up in the report
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums. Thank you for your question.  The doctor who conducted the tests is the best person to ask to explain your results.  Do you have a follow up appointment to go over them?

The good news is that the results state "mitigates the likelihood of malignancy"  That means lessons. This means it cancer is less likely.  

Nodules in the lungs do happen and are not uncommon.  When nodules are found in the lower lung, they have less of a chance of being cancerous.  Evaluation, of course, is important though. https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/transcripts/4908_lung-nodules-can-they-be-cancerous.

Let us know what your doctor has said about your results.  
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Back in 2008 or so I had a 13 mm nodule show up on an annual chest x-ray that subsequent CT imaging (with contrast) showed to be a benign calcified granuloma. As @sara_MHModerator posted, this was in the lower right lobe so it was less likely to be cancerous. At the time though I didn’t know that, so it was a big “whew” when the results came in.
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This was from a PET scan 1 year ago. I have had a chest xray done in January which was neg. This Xray was done with a portable xray machine so im not sure how accurate it is. I got deployed to Afghanistan 6 months after Pet so I haven't been able to get a CT scan.
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