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What does it all mean? Scared to death

New here but need to connect with people  who  have been there, done that and will share.
     12/27/13 chest ct comp to 1/17/11 -chest ct  centrilobul emphysema with upper lobe predominance as previously. No significant change as compared to prev. study. A 2mm nodule in the right middle lobe is new comp. to prev. study. Ground-glass 4mm nodule left lower lobe also new from prior study. Should be followed up in 6 month. No significant axillary adenopathy. Rt. superior paratracheall adenopathy stable from study 2011. Similar shotty lymph node pretracheal stable fr prev study. Boarderline size precarinal lymph node also stable. No obvious hilar nodes, No subcarinal adenopathy.No subcarinal adenopathy. Heart, thoracic aorta normal in size. No pleural oor pericarddial effusions. What does it all mean? Primary doc.; says 25% cancer, see lung doc. 2/28/14
     My whole family has died from emphysema, my sister being the youngest at 59, the age I am now, so have no family to speak of, or togive support to me, but working on getting whatever support I canl
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Thanks for replying. My only sympthem is shortness of breath. I have back pain but I think that is from a bulging disk and pinched nerves. But now I wonder if it could be where my lungs are collapsed?  Wild my lungs continue to collapse? Smoker but trying to quit. Have to quit!
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Welcome to the forum. I understand your concern regarding your ct scan result. What are the symptoms present? On CT scan, lymph nodes are generally visible as round or elliptical and may occur in clusters of a few nodes of similar size. If there was no initial diagnosis, repeat imaging study is usually done to monitor the size of the nodule and lymphadenopathy. It is best that you discuss the ct scan result also with your doctor for proper evaluation. Factors such as symptoms present, results of other diagnostic tests, medical history and over all health of patient are important considerations also.  Take care and do keep us posted.
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