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What is lung cancer like?

I am short of breath all the time. Periodically I'll collapse becuz I can't enough air. My breath is raspy and crackly and when I sleep on my side fluid just falls out of my throat. The stuff I cough up is thick and has been yellow, black, red, and perfectly clear. It's always like one solid mass of mucus and very hard to cough up and actually get out of my throat and mouth. My lungs feel heavy and they don't expand very much before spams set me off coughing again. I have an old albuterol inhaler that I use when otherwise I'd have to go to the ER and it's literally saved my life multiple times. When it gets bad, the coughing, it feels like there's something so solid in there to get up, but it never comes. And when it gets bad it feels like I'm drowning without the water. Does this sound like it could lung cancer? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks
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please see the post in your other thread
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