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im coughing up blood every other day or so for a year now.....................

im coughing up blood every other day or so for a year now. it gets worse when i talk a lot . i have a have chest pains and  dizziness  after coughing up blood and have a shortness of breath what do u think it is ??
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Coughing up blood is also called hemoptysis and the first thing to determine is where is the blood coming from - lungs, stomach, nose, or throat. It could be an infection or irritation of the airways but there is a chance it could be something more serious such as lung cancer. You need to get it tested soon.

Good luck
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Hi there. The various causes of hemoptysis in adults are bronchitis, bronchiectasis, TB, necrotizing pneumonia, primary lung cancer. Massive hemoptysis common causes are bronchiectasis, tuberculous and other pneumonias and bronchogenic carcinoma. Dizziness could be due to blood loss causing hypotension. This needs to be investigated immediately by a pulmonologist since it could be serious. Management would depend on the diagnosis. Take care.
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