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lung nodule that decreases

My husband (39 Years Old)  was discovered by chance a 3 cm nodule in the lung (right upper lobe, with spicules) very suspicious according to the doctors.
From there, the earth collapses, fighting wank. With full pre-operative test. Antibiotics for a week ( doc says it’s procedure )
CT and MRI extension balance = negative. Bronchial fibroscopy with biopsy bronchial spurs + washing = normal. (Even if the nodule could not be reached). Pet scan ( 17 days after the scanner that had discovered the nodule) extremely surprising because the nodule has decreased by half! It only fixes very little (1.4 Suvmax) and no suspicious spots elsewhere.

This whole thing should reassure me, but I still wonder.

It is possible that a nodule that was originally considered malignant would actually be only benign and halved in less than 3 weeks????
Is the petscan fixation threshold really insignificant? (1,4)
All this medical language is sometimes hard to understand.

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Hello and welcome, Rose.  Sorry to hear of this situation.  Important to work with your husband's doctor.  Remember that having a suspicious finding on imagine does not make for a diagnosis but rather that further investigation is warranted.  Your husband is very young which is in his favor.  His chance of the nodules being malignant is very low.  A person 35 or under has less than a 1% chance. Of course, that doesn't matter if you are the 1% so it is important to work with the doctors as he has.  In truth, pulmonary nodules (which means they are 3cm or less) are very common.  Most are benign and they can come about from things like a past lung infection or illness.  Quite often they take a wait and watch approach and quite often the nodules do go away on their own.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317531#causes  Let us know how he is doing and what his doctor says.  
We were wondering how your husband is doing and how things are going.  We wish you and your husband well.  
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After reading your post I feel that you really love your husband very much. Your worries show your affection towards your husband, I hope he'll be alright. I think if all scan reports are not showing any signs of cancer then shouldn't worry, but still to assure you can get the second opinion from the specialist.
If you'll find anything serious then you can ask the doctor for treatment options. But try not to get anxious and stressed, be calm and positive, I really hope and wish that there will be nothing serious.
Best wishes!
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